The type of treatments and massages healing therapies that we heal with are from a type of medical healing system called marmachiliksalayam, that has its roots in South India, namely Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Marmachiliksalayam simply means that healing is done through the extensive pressure points on the human body that are called marman or marmas (Varma in Tamil).

We offer several types of treatment especially in the case of injuries associated with sports activities, but the list of treatment we done are quite extensive such as the following

Back pain
 Shoulder problems
Rheumatic problems
 Arthritic conditions
Hip and knee
Elbow (tennis elbow)
All joint problems Associated with the elements

We also do several types of Indian massage such as South Indian head massage and the famous chowteetirimal massage, which is done with the use of the feet using certain oils for a particular ailment
It is said that the Sage Agastya Muni was the great exponent of this type of treatment some thousands of years ago. The word Marma, meaning pressure or vital point of the body. Healing is done through these points, According to Ayurveda and Marma Chiliksalayam, a
The root of any illness comes often with the result of the vital air being blocked which causes complications and illness. Therefore this ancient form of medicine aims to cure and nourish the body called Marma therapy.
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